Serial social-tech entrepreneur, Revital Hendler founded AllJobs in 2005, a disruptive startup for job-searches. For the last 2 years she accelerated social-tech startups. In 2013, she co-founded BreezoMeter, real time air pollution mapping platform that was announced the most promising startup in 2014 in the world by GEW (The global entrepreneurship world) and was just invited to the White House to be introduced to the President Obama.

Which characteristics make your country a startup nation?
The success Israel has enjoyed over the past couple decades, emerging as the #2 startup ecosystem in the world (right behind Silicon Valley), is a fact. Israel, it turns out, is quite good at coming up with creative ideas, starting up companies, raising early stage funding, and exiting these small companies (<$100 million).
•#1 in R&D spending globally
•#1 in startups outside Silicon Valley
•#1 in per capita VC investment
•220 multinational R&D centers
•$6.4B Annual exits
•70 companies listed on the NASDAQ

# L’accélération et l’expérience partagée des startups nations
Revita HENDLER Interviendra en fin de matinée dans le cadre de La Grande Jonction vendredi 8 avril 2016 au H14, pour partager des modèles de réussite au service de la croissance et des territoires.